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Petting Zoo & Pony Rides

Let us bring ‘The Farm’ to you!

We feature a variety of animals in our petting zoo, including: rabbits, ducks, pygmy goats, miniature sheep, chickens and micro-mini pigs. In season, you will also find a variety of baby animals! Interaction is encouraged, as visitors and animals wander freely.

Hand Sanitizer is provided to each person as they leave the petting zoo area.

All of our animals are well cared for and kid friendly. If there is any sign of illness or distress, the animal is removed by our knowledgeable and caring staff.


Petting Zoo Fun

Petting Zoo

Cupcake, just one of our gentle ponies available for rides.


We need to be able to park next to the location of the petting zoo. Access to the trailer is needed for loading/unloading of the animals, equipment and supplies. There may be a charge for extra setup time if this is not possible.

We are not responsible for damage to property or people. Please have suitable location for the pen - away from any objects, shrubs, trees or any other type of plant that you wish not to be eaten.

The petting zoo and/or pony rides are rain or shine, if postponement is needed we will offer a selection of dates to choose from. Should you wish to reserve a rain date please contact us.

We reserve the right to postpone the petting zoo for weather.

Under certain circumstances some animal(s) may not be available and substitutions will be made.

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